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Thunder Ridge Gallery Thunder Ridge Gallery - Custom Jewelry and Garden Sculpture
A complete full-featured e-commerce site, using ASP and SQL. All client HTML/Javascript/CSS, middleware ASP and SQL database design and implementation, photographs and Photoshop post-processing done by Thunder Ridge.

Thunder Ridge Gardens Thunder Ridge Gardens - Purchase flower, vegetable, and herb seeds and plants, and organic pest controls from Parks Seed, Wayside Gardens, Gardens Alive! and more.

The Flower Factory The Flower Factory - Stoughton, Wisconsin - Wisconsin's premiere hardy plant nursery - featuring the midwest's largest selection of perennials, hostas and ornamental grasses. Web programming by Thunder Ridge.

David Landau David Landau, Storyteller~Performer of Children's Music
David is one of Madison's most beloved children's performers. He travels to schools, libraries, and preschools all across the mid-west, performing musical programs that are educational, entertaining, and motivating. You can order David's new CD Kids and Kitties here.

The MAP The MAP - Madison's Alternative Page - Madison's guide to area alternative businesses, including acupuncture, massage, child birth, earth friendly products, music and more!

Prepper Gear - Survival supplies & know-how.

Firefighter's Guide to Chlorine - Safe handling practices concerning chlorine in a fire, by Harold F. Maybeck.

Firefighter's Guide to Anhydrous Ammonia - Safe handling practices concerning ammonia in a fire, by Harold F. Maybeck.

Subsidence Inversions - A brief discussion of atmospheric temperature inversions and their recognition and application in lighter-than-air flight, by Harold F. Maybeck.

Rapid River Water Temperature Fluctuations - A Cursory Examination of the Dramatic Decline in Water Temperature on the Pemigewasset River at the Plymouth, NH River Stage Station on August 30-31, 2004, by Harold F. Maybeck.

Z-Time - Why do we refer to GMT, GCT, UTC, etc, as Z-time? by Harold F. Maybeck.