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  • League of Women Voters - The League of Women Voters is an organization of women and men that is non-partisan, community-based and organized at the local, state and national levels. Its goals for the 21st century include a renewed commitment to Reconnecting citizens with government, Enhancing voter participation, Including all voices in civic life, Strengthening the democratic process through reform.

  • Women's Issues Committee - Dane County - The Dane County Women's Issues Committee (WIC) began June 6, 1980 as an informal meeting of women employees and County Board Supervisors attempting to form a support group to address work-related concerns of women in Dane County Government.

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Signs To Look Out For If You Have A Prolapsed Uterus
Uterus also called as the womb is an organ in the woman's body that hangs freely with the help of pelvic floor muscles. Due to any reason, when these muscles get weak, so, it results in the drop down or displacement of the uterus from its actual place and falls into the vagina, this condition is called as a Prolapsed Uterus.

Can You Choose Embolization To Treat Uterine Fibroids?
In these days, women above the age 30 years or more do suffer from the uterine fibroids. These tumors restrict pregnancy, cause extreme abdominal pain and menstrual bleeding. Women opt for various treatments like uterine embolization to reduce these muscular growths from the inner wall of uterus.

Get Your Infertile Problem Treated at Comparatively Low Prices
There are plenty of queries that start coming on your mind when you seek for the best infertility specialist. That is why you actually need to do your research first before making a final decision on which clinic you are going to use the services of infertility.

Pelvic Floor, NOT Pelvic Door
The pelvic floor not only houses and protects the contents of our pelvis, but it is a floor for the contents above the pelvis. If your floor is a door all is falling down.

Are PCOS And Hirsutism Connected With Each Other?
The issues that affect life of women suffering from PCOS are depression, anxiety and negative self-image. PCOS is also connected with other symptoms such as Hirsutism, acne, and hair fall. Let's discover the connection between PCOS and Hirsutism.

Symptoms Of Preterm Labor
Preterm labor is the word that gives nightmares to many pregnant women. It is important to know the symptoms and take precautions to avoid mishappenings.

Top 3 Vaginal Dryness Treatments
Vaginal dryness is a significant problem after menopause. Vaginal dryness is caused by vaginal atrophy which is a thinning and drying of the vaginal walls. This is, in turn, causes inflammation and often results in painful or difficult sexual relations. The dryness is created by a lack of estrogen.

Introduction to Hormone Replacement Therapy
This article describes the risks and benefits of hormone replacement therapy. It also discusses bio-identical HRT.

Things About PCOS That Can't Be Ignored
Do you know that PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome) affects 5 to 10% of women all around the world? PCOS problem is also known as the number one reason behind the infertility of many women. The more information you have about PCOS, the better prepared you're to deal with it.

3 Step Guide to Choosing Your First Yoni Egg
You may have heard of yoni eggs, which have becoming very popular for their ability to aid in orgasm, decrease incontinence, and provide a medium for meditation, mindfulness, and self-confidence. Here is a three step guide to help you with the purchase of your first egg.

Common Kegel Mistakes To Avoid
Being a woman is not an easy job. You need to face a number of problems throughout your life. And a prolapsed uterus is a major problem that hampers the regular lifestyle of a woman and leaves them with so much of pain and awkwardness.

Strategies That Help You Manage The Emotional Impact Of A Prolapsed Uterus
There is no denying the fact that a Prolapsed Uterus is a serious problem. A woman who is dealing with the condition needs to go through unbearable pain, which not only makes them physically weak but also affects their emotions. Yes, it makes them emotionally weak as well.

What Causes Back Pain and Cramping During the Monthly Cycle?
Every woman has experienced cramping and pain around the abdomen during or before their periods. It might happen before your periods, as an unwelcome forewarning, or during your periods, leaving you tired and cranky until it's over. Young girls usually experience cramping during the first few years after the onset of periods.

Fibrous Foods Women Should Eat To Prevent A Prolapsed Uterus
No denying the fact that constipation and a prolapsed uterus have a strong connection. Constipated stomach puts a strain on the pelvic muscles and weakens them, which further leads to the condition. But the best part is that you can prevent it and all you need is just fiber.

Why Is Menopause One Of The Major Causes Of A Prolapsed Uterus?
Menopause is a time when ovaries stop producing the hormones like estrogen and progesterone. It is the end of your period cycle forever and your first step to aging. A new start of women's life comes with a number of health issues. Menopause affects the pelvic health because of the loss of estrogen, which further causes a prolapsed uterus.

Unsafe Abdominal Exercise Women Dealing With A Prolapsed Uterus Should Avoid
Exercise is important to keep our body running, as it builds up the muscles and ensure the good health. But while performing the intense exercise, it is important for you to keep your pelvic floor muscle strength in your mind. Women dealing with the prolapsed uterus should avoid some of the unsafe abdominal exercises that worsen the condition later on.

The Infertile Mormon
In this article, I'm taking you on an intimate, inside look of my journey of struggling with infertility and how I was able to move past the pain and sorrow associated with such a trial. Being a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, I felt this trial of infertility was an especially difficult one. Inside the LDS community, waiting long to start your family is not very common, so the fact we had been married for 10 years at this point without children seemed incomprehensible to most around us. This is my story.

How to Stay Happy and Positive During Menopause
Menopause is a transition. It is related to a gradual reduction of serum estrogen levels. It is not any single point in time; it occurs gradually over several years. Although menopause is defined as 1 year without a period, the absence of periods is only one of a myriad of changes which affect women. Hot flashes, weight gain, changes in libido, and sleep disturbances accompany this transition.

Natural Herbal Remedies For Menopausal Relief
The information I shared is what has helped me. I am not a doctor so before you start taking any herbal supplements of any kind make sure you discuss with your doctor.

Breast Infection or Mastitis
An overview of Mastitis, which is a breast infection, causes, symptoms, and treatment options. Considerations, such as, prevention, and home care efforts are also reviewed.

PCOS And Pregnancy - No Need To Lose Hope
PCOS or Polycystic Ovary Syndrome is one of the major reasons behind the infertility among women. What we need to realise that with effective treatment and care, even a woman suffering from PCOS can become pregnant. So, don't lose hope, just get the right treatment.

Some Interesting Facts About PCOS And Pregnancy
PCOS affects the ability to conceive, and it also increases the chances of miscarriages during pregnancy. You need to be extra careful if you're suffering from the polycystic ovarian syndrome. Learn more about PCOS from the best female gynecologists in Mumbai and get effective treatment as well.

Uterine Fibroids Treatment
Annually there are more than 622,000 hysterectomies performed as part of Uterine Fibroids treatment. That alone adds up to roughly 22 million women that have been affected by the procedure. With medical advances there are other options that a woman and her doctor can consider for Uterine Fibroids Treatment. Most now look at hysterectomy only when other avenues have been exhausted. Ultimately, each female body is different and there is no fibroid that is the same as another. Therefore, there must be various opportunities to explore what will work best as uterine fibroids treatment for one that may not necessarily work for another.

Fact Or Fiction - Reveal The Truth Of Childbirth And A Prolapsed Uterus
Nowadays, a number of women are dealing with the problem of the prolapsed uterus. It is a very common, yet painful condition, which makes it difficult for a woman to do her life chores like before. The condition also affects your hormones and makes it hard for you to stand or walk for too long.

A Quick Look Into The Different Kinds Of Pelvic Organ Prolapse
A pelvic organ prolapse is a condition in which the pelvic organ of a woman likes bladder or uterus, drop down from their actual position into the vaginal area, due to the weakening of their supportive tissues. Childbirth, excess stretch, straining, weight lifting, aging, loss of estrogen, menopause, etc.

Exercising Motivational Tips That Help You Deal With A Prolapsed Uterus
A prolapsed uterus can affect the woman health and can be worsened if the treatment is not taken on time. In this, a uterus of a woman slips down into the vagina of a woman-that can also invite other health diseases. It is the fact that a majority of women suffers from this problem, this is because it mainly occurs after vaginal deliveries.

Unable to Conceive: Get Infertility Treatment
Infertility can be explained as the inability of a couple to bear a child or a female to conceive or get pregnant. If you are unable to conceive after a year of consecutive sexual intercourse, you can say you are having infertility issue.

Natural Ways To Treat PCOS Infertility
PCOS is known cause behind infertility. Many women are affected by PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome) all around the world. The exact reason for PCOS occurrence is unknown, but PCOS can be treated by medication and naturally as well.

Effective And Harmless Cures For PCOS
PCOS or Polycystic Ovary Syndrome has many negative effects on a woman's body, and it's one of the main reasons behind infertility. Many women are tired of taking medicines and look for alternate, effective and harmless methods to cure PCOS.

How To Fight PCOS And Infertility Naturally
PCOS (Polycystic Ovary Syndrome) and infertility occur due to various reasons. Both of these conditions can be controlled with the help of medicines. You can also make changes in your diet and do regular exercises to fight PCOS and infertility.

Calling Women To Celebrate Their Liver Without Drinking
Tender loving care, TLC - a woman's liver needs it more. Which simply put, means reduce alcohol consumption. This is necessitated by the fact that women have less water per kg, in their body as compared to men.

Comprehensive Fertility Assessment - Bring Home Love, Life and Happiness
Getting married, having children, living the family life is an age-old phenomenon dating back to the mythological era. It's almost every married couple's dream to complete the picture with offspring of their own. It has also become a social status of sorts especially in a country like ours where the people are united by cast, color, creed and religion.

5 Reasons Your Period Is Lighter Than Usual
Getting your period isn't exactly the most desirable biological process of life. But a lighter than normal period, can throw you off and make you start worrying about all the possible things that can be wrong with you. Even though every girl has her individual menstrual cycle, an average cycle should have a duration anywhere between three to seven days.

How To Get Pregnant Even If A Woman Has PCOS
Have you been trying to get pregnant with no success? Are you suffering from PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome)? Pregnancy becomes difficult in Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome. Here are some top tips that will help you get pregnant even if have PCOS.

Choosing the Right Breast Pump for Yourself
A breast pump is a type of mechanical device that extracts the breast milk from women who is lactating. It can be operated manually, using electricity or batteries. Many times women who are breastfeeding will use this to continue to breastfeed after they return to work.

Everyone Wants Instanteous Relief
An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. In our society, the emphasis in our healthcare system, is wait until there is an issue or problem. Often the remedy is medication to control symptoms or surgical removal. Rarely is the emphasis on the underlying causes of a health problem.

How To Increase Fertility For Women Suffering From PCOS
Do you know that Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) is one of the main reasons behind the sub fertility or zero fertility among women? PCOS affect around 20% to 25% of females who are in their reproductive age. It is a condition in females portrayed by irregular or lack of periods, unreasonable amount of male hormones and ovulation-related issues. The symptoms and severity of PCOS are different among suffering females.

How Cryopreservation Helps In Human Assisted Reproduction In The Fertility Center
The Cryopreservation of Embryos and Oocytes is seen as an extension to the IVF (In-Vitro Fertilization) treatment. In this process, the eggs are frozen to support Human Assisted Reproduction.

Getting Results For Celiac's
Millions of people are living with Celiac's disease and the majority haven't even been diagnosed. Abdominal pain is just one symptom of over a hundred symptoms attributed to Celiac's. And women are the most often affected.

Popularity Of Big Breasts In The 21st Century
Big breasts play an integral role in enhancing the beauty of any woman. A lot of women have developed low self-esteem and lost their confidence due to small breasts. Natural treatments and creams that claim to increase the size are not useful. Breast enlargement surgery can help you to achieve big bosom.

How PCOS Affect Female Fertility
PCOS (Polycystic Ovary Syndrome) is a reproductive ailment that affects women and is identified with the discharge and occurrence of specific hormones in a woman's body, which results in a few complications. A woman suffering from Polycystic Ovary Syndrome will have an excessive number of androgens (male hormones) in the body, which prompts different and horrible symptoms and side effects

Behavioral And Lifestyle Changes That Reverse A Prolapsed Uterus Without Surgery
Prolapsed Uterus - a common health issue is categorized as a pelvic organ Prolapse, which occurs due to the uterus descend from its normal position into the vagina. Seeking medical help doesn't always mean that you need to undergo the painful surgery; it can be treated easily with all natural means.

Things To Stop Before Pregnancy
Are you looking forward to get pregnant and start a new family with your husband? If yes, then you need to take a few precautions to make sure that your pregnancy period goes well.

Why Breast Reduction Surgery Should Be Done At A Famous Cosmetic Clinic
Are you fed-up with your huge breasts and looking for a permanent solution? If yes, then you should know that breast reduction surgery is the only safe and reliable treatment that offers permanent result. Visit only a renowned cosmetic clinic for your surgery.

The Problem Of Depression During Pregnancy
Depression has become a major problem these days, mostly due to our unhealthy and hectic lifestyles. Depression and PCOS are connected and cause troubles for women who are trying to get pregnant. Depression is also quite unsafe for pregnant women.

What Is The Difference Between A Fibroid And A Polyp?
Many women suffer from irregular menstrual cycles. A fibroid in the uterus may be one of the reasons for this irregularity in the periods. Many people think that fibroid and polyps are one and the same thing, whereas it is not so. These are two different irregularities having almost the same symptoms which create confusion. It is important to differentiate between these two irregularities, so that proper treatment, according to the problem, may be started.

4 Reasons That Can Cause a Prolapsed Uterus
A prolapsed uterus is a condition where a uterus of a woman falls down into the vagina due to the weaken muscle of the pelvic floor. The main cause of this condition is vaginal delivery as when women give a birth to a child she puts a high force on her pelvic floor that can damage or weaken its muscles.

Natural Remedies For PCOS
There are various food items in nature that can help to treat different types of illnesses. PCOS or Polycystic Ovary Syndrome is an illness that affects millions of women all over the world. Have a look at these natural remedies to treat PCOS.

Debunking 3 Myths About PCOS
Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) is one of most common illness in women these days. However, many women have no info or awareness about Polycystic Ovary Syndrome. This unawareness has given birth to numerous myths about it. Let's debunk some myths about PCOS.

PCOS Is Becoming An Epidemic
Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) is becoming quite common at a quick rate. The worst thing about Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome is that a woman might be suffering from it and she won't have any knowledge that's what affecting her health.

Do's and Don'ts Of A Prolapsed Uterus Women Should Know
A Prolapsed Uterus is one of the most common Vaginal Prolapse a woman ever faces in their lifetime. This is a condition, in which their uterus slips down from its actual position into the vagina because of the weakening of the pelvic muscles.

Ayurvedic Treatment And Kegel Exercise - The Best Way To Cure A Prolapsed Uterus
A prolapsed uterus is a condition in which the uterus of a woman falls from its actual place to vagina. It mostly happens after the vaginal delivery, but there are some other reasons also that can invite prolapsed uterus.

These Foods Help You Stay Away From Common Gynaecological Problems
Most women are unaware that proper nutrition can help avoid gynecological diseases as well. A regular intake of the right fruits, vegetables, and minerals can ensure you have a healthy reproductive system.

Discover The Healing Benefits Of Non Surgical Methods For Prolapsed Uterus Treatment
A prolapsed uterus is the serious problem that affects the uterus of a woman and causes it to fall down into the vagina due to the weakness in the muscles of pelvic region. The health and wellness lies in curing the problem with the effective solutions that deliver consistent results while regulating the symptoms.

From Cause To Cure, Everything You Need To Know About A Prolapsed Uterus
The uterus of a woman hangs freely, so, it can move in all directions and it is mainly supported by the pelvic floor. Due to the weakening of the muscles and tissues of the pelvic floor when they are no longer able to support the uterus, so, it sags down from its actual position into the vaginal canal.

Important Things A Woman Should Know About Prolapsed Uterus
A prolapsed uterus is very common nowadays and ignoring it is not the solution to get rid out of the problem. Every problem comes with a solution and for best results and to recover faster you should go for the treatment before it's too late. It's no secret that symptoms of prolapsed uterus is not only annoying but also embarrassing, thus, you need to go for the treatment at the earliest.

Is Prolapsed Uterus Treatment Possible Without Any Surgery?
A prolapsed uterus is a very common problem in which the uterus of women slips down from its actual position into the vaginal canal and in extreme cases, outside the vagina. It is the most distressing and embarrassing condition for a woman and spares no age group. The condition doesn't create any peril to your life, but can be painful and need immediate care.

Postpartum Anxiety - The Little Known Diagnosis
Postpartum Anxiety is a little known diagnosis. While becoming a mother is a happy time, sufferers from this condition cannot enjoy it. This article explores why.

Urine Stinks, So Why Do Men Drip On Floors?
In recent days I have been forced to use a unisex toilet. First in the hospital while waiting for attention and in the second in an X-ray facility. On both occasions there were drip stains on the floor and they stunk.

PCOS - An Epidemic That's Making Women Infertile
PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome) is affecting millions of women in India, but many don't even realise that what's damaging their health. PCOS can have severe effects on women's health and is on its way to become an epidemic soon.

Major Reasons And Causes Of Female Infertility
Female infertility is caused by hormonal problems or physical stress. Extra stress, due to the society or the complexity of the environment can also lead to female infertility. High female infertility can result in no pregnancy at all. Also, irregular menstruation due to cysts and other ovary related issues, which debars from the production of eggs must be stopped in order to start to conceive a child. This can be done using Ayurvedic solutions which do not have side effects and provide you with brilliant results. Ayurvedic solutions and treatments are offered to women at large for their difficult pregnancies and many women have benefitted out of them.

Understanding The Concerns Related To Prolapsed Uterus Treatment By Non Surgical Methods
Every organ of a human body has different function to perform which is necessary for the sustainment of the life. The cells and tissues of human body regulate the functioning of different organs and similarly female body has the pelvic region whose tissues and ligaments support the womb or uterus. The uterus plays a vital role in providing life to the zygote, which develops into the young one over the period of nine months.

Sciatica In Pregnancy
The period of pregnancy is full of struggles. Women face various problems during pregnancy, and sciatica is one of these. Therefore, you should know the nature, reasons and the ways to deal with it. In this article, we will give you an insight into this problem.

Role of Antioxidants For Improvement of Semen Parameters
Semen analysis is important in the evaluation of infertile couples. The quality of sperm is a measure of both the sperm's genetic integrity and its capacity for fertilizing an oocyte. Poor sperm quality has been associated with abnormal sperm motility, failure of sperm recognition of the zona pellucida and inability to complete the processes of fertilization.

Chemical Happiness
Most of us measure happiness as a product of various material factors like health, wealth and success. So this means that if we are healthy and successful we must be happy. Then why do we suffer from discontentment and meaninglessness despite being successful in our career and endeavours? Psychologists and biologists now believe our biochemistry has a greater level in determining how happy we are and how happy we can ever be. As Yuval Noah Harari in his book "Sapiens" said that the lasting happiness comes only from Serotonin, Dopamine and oxytocin.

PCOS - One Of The Major Causes Of Infertility
PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome) is more common than you think. It affects thousands of women in India and they don't even get proper treatment for it. PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome) is one of the root causes of infertility.

Are PCOS And Depression Connected?
Many patients often ask if there's a connection between PCOS (Polycystic Ovary Syndrome) and depression. PCOS expands the chances of a female getting depression. Different hormones, alongside adapting to a troublesome medical condition, are the guilty parties. Depression can be a particularly alarming symptom of PCOS, as it drains your vitality level to get help and make improvements.

Is It OK to Exercise While Breastfeeding?
The exercise adds to your health and works positively for breast feeding women. You may be surprised to know that even rigorous workouts keep the volumes of milk produced in your body unaffected.

Infertility Is Nothing to Be Ashamed About
Not being able to have children has gained a negative stigma in the past. So much that couples were afraid to speak about it because they felt ashamed. Centuries ago the woman was blamed for the inability to have children and it was not understood that infertility could come from both the male and the female.

Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) Preserves a Woman's Body Post Menopause
Menopause is a tricky problem for women to negotiate. Hot flushes, mood swings, night sweats, sleeplessness, and vaginal dryness are but some of the issues. It's a very similar position to that of puberty whereby the body is out of control and one's emotions follow suite.

A General Understanding About Breast Lumps During Pregnancy
Anything like a bulge, swelling, bump or a lump in any part of one's breast can be considered as a breast lump. There can be different kinds of lumps in the breast of a woman which can happen due to various reasons and as such it is important to understand the causes for the same especially during pregnancy.

Is Hormone Replacement Therapy Safe For You?
As the time of menopause approaches in a woman's life, she undergoes a series of problems, like hot flashes, insomnia, mood swing, run down, vaginal dryness, etc. HRT for menopause or the best Hormone Replacement Therapy holds the revolutionary effect to alleviate the vasomotor symptoms starts growing during the menopause or after the menopause in a woman's body.

Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS)
Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome is abbreviated to PCOS. It's a hormonal imbalance and affects the reproductive processes of a woman. Usually, PCOS begins at puberty and causes irregular periods and various other symptoms related to hormone. Common issues that may result in due to PCOS are infertility, cardiovascular diseases, type 2 diabetes, and uterine issues, just to name a few.

4 Natural Ways To Treat PCOS (Polycystic Ovary Syndrome)
PCOS (Polycystic Ovary Syndrome) affects millions of women in India. However, most women don't have any knowledge about this health issue and some even don't know that they're suffering from PCOS. Apart from prescribed medicines by famous gynecologists in Mumbai, you can also choose natural ways to treat PCOS.

Embracing Menopause Gleefully With Useful Lifestyle Changes
This article is on effective lifestyle changes that can help woman to have a smooth transformation during menopause. How making small lifestyle changes can make the entire menopause process worry free. Most of these changes are very simple, yet effective.

An Overview Of Prolapsed Uterus Treatment
The uterus plays a significant role for regulating various processes in a female body. The pelvic muscles and ligaments hold the womb at its place but its start to sag resulting a downward displacement. A Prolapsed uterus is the common problem through which many women of different age group are suffering.

Choose Ayurvedic Medication For The Prolapsed Uterus Treatment
A pear-shaped organ called uterus does different functions from excreting waste to reproduce a baby. The well-being of such an important organ is necessary. The womb of a woman is held at its position with the help of various tissues, muscles, and ligaments of pelvic region.

Fact Or Fiction - Uncover The Reality Of A Prolapsed Uterus
A human body is pretty amazing, there are so many organs inside it and one of them is uterus or womb of a woman, which hangs freely with the support of the pelvic floor. With the increase in your age or decrease in the estrogen in the body, it doubles the chances that the pelvic floor and muscles get weak, which fall down the uterus into the vaginal canal.

If A Prolapsed Uterus Is The Problem, Herbal Treatments Are The Solutions
A Prolapsed uterus is associated with the displacement of the uterus from its original place and started to fall into the vagina through the different stages. It should get treated timely to prevent the fall of the organ from its place and let the patient enjoy the quality of life without getting affected.

Visiting a Gynaecologist - Dear First Timers, Fear Not, Check Out These 4 Tips
Whatever your reasons, feeling nervous before your first appointment is absolutely normal. I know how difficult it can be to open up to an unknown person and reveal intimate details about your body.

How Does Your Diet Affect Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS)?
Every illness brings a list of food items which the patient should or shouldn't consume. Same goes with PCOS as doctors recommend a long list of foods that should be consumed or avoided by the Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) patient.

Menstrual Cycles - Some Exciting Facts
Every woman experiences the menstrual cycle every month. These start at puberty and end at menopause. The age of puberty depends on various factors and, therefore, varies. Menses and periods are the alternative names for menstrual cycles. Normally, a woman experiences menses every month. The standard gap between the two periods is 28 to 30 days. Periods may repeat earlier or later. In general, the menses continues for three to five days. At pregnancy, menses are discontinued and start again after the birth of the child.

An Insight into Infertility and Its Causes
Causes of infertility may be found both in man and woman. Man and woman may be equally responsible for infertility. Therefore, before starting a treatment, both should be put to tests. This will clarify the position and then you can start the treatment accordingly.

Most Absorbent Adult Diapers Handle Incontinence Issues Easily
Does the constant fear of staining your clothes in public due to incontinence worry you? Do not despair; there are others out there who have overcome the same fear by using the most absorbent adult diapers available in the market.

Infertility: Pelvic Pain and Endometriosis
When it comes to fertility, pelvic pain is usually associated with the menstrual cycle. Most women experience a painful sensation in their pelvic area before menstruation starts, while there are a few women who experience little or no pain. It is important to note if there is a distinction in the pelvic pain that you experience.

Bacterial Vaginosis Clearly Explained - Vaginal Infection Symptoms That Identify Thrush Is Not BV
Bacterial vaginosis is a common vaginal infection, as so is a yeast infection too, however, both have different symptoms due to one being bacterial and the other yeast. A question often asked by women is which one is the worse. This depends on the patient who with BV might see this as not only embarrassing but unbearable to have to cope with than that of a yeast infection such like thrush. Neither is seriously dangerous that they kill you, but they can cause severe discomfort.

How Bad Does Your Vagina Smell? Simple Ways To Get Rid Of Vaginal Odour If Not Caused By Infection
It's normal for every girl who has reached puberty to experience vaginal odour. We have the natural odour and then the type caused by common body actions. Take menstruation, normally if the vagina is not kept clean at the time of the monthly cycle stale blood left for a period of time will bring smell. Then we have urine another reason for vaginal odour. Not rinsing or wiping the vagina after using the toilet, any trickles cling to pubic hair, thus soiling and staining panties which will smell.

What Are The Main Symptoms Of Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS)?
Polycystic Ovary Syndrome, commonly known as PCOS is an endocrine system problem that affects females who are in their reproductive age. Females suffering from PCOS may have developed bigger ovaries that have little accumulations of liquid, termed as follicles, which are situated in every ovary as observed through an ultrasound test.

Most Dangerous Color Of Vaginal Discharge - Abnormal, Not Bloody STI & Bacterial Infection Symptoms
Vaginal discharge and urine say a lot about the body especially for a doctor who is looking for a specific infection or other. Pregnancy in the early days is commonly proven through a urine sample, aside from the swollen belly that is, while an STI is usually identified through discharge. However, we are not going to focus on urine but rather discharge the normal type and abnormal vaginal discharge. Knowing the signs of what is not normal will help you decide is it time to see a doctor.

A Brief Description About Causes And Cures Of A Prolapsed Uterus
Being a woman there are a number of health issues you have to go through and one of them is the Prolapsed Uterus. It is a condition which possibly occurs when the pelvic floor that holds the uterus in its place gets weak and descends from its actual position into the vagina or birth canal.

Cystitis UTI Treatments Used To Treat Mild & Chronic Urine Infections That Cause Painful Symptoms
Women love to smell nice, but most tend to go over the top when it comes down to their private parts. The genital area should not be pampered with products that are laced with fragrance. Cystitis is strongly connected to products of this source, making them supposedly one of the identified causes. Remember it is water that cleans the vagina and not scent.

Reasons to Post-Pone Pregnancy
The risk related to having a baby among females employing a newer method of ready sterilization referred to as hysteroscopic sterilization is really greater than 10 events greater about the 10 -- 12 several weeks period of time when compared with while using the furthermore completed laparoscopic sterilization, investigation via researchers through Yale University in addition to UC Davis provides found. Launched on the web inside the health care journal Contraception, the study found the biggest threat related to having a baby using a newer sterilization method marketed beneath the manufacturer Essure...

Bacterial Vaginosis & Thrush Differences - 2 Serious Conditions That Can Happen Due To BV
Your first experience of having bacterial vaginosis (BV) or thrush, you are not to panic as both infections is common and treatable. These are not conditions where you have to worry about making your will out. Yeast fungus Candida Albicans causes thrush. It is not harmful and lives on the skin. It is vital it stays under control, otherwise the slightest upset can give rise for it to act up and bring infection.

Ayurvedic Remedies to Bring Down Prolactin Levels As Female Infertility Treatment
Trusted for ages, Ayurveda continues to be the safest path to treat any ailments. With no side effects, Ayurveda promises to provide only side benefits.

Why Herbal Remedies For A Prolapsed Uterus Are The First Choice Of All Women
A female anatomy is complicated to understand by everyone. Every body part has different function to perform and even a single cell matters to carry out the job well. Uterus of a woman freely hangs up in the pelvic cavity. When the pelvic area stops supporting the uterus or the womb of a woman, it comes out to the way of vagina.

When A Patient Suffering From A Prolapsed Uterus Seeks Medical Care
The uterus of a woman is located along the midline to the urinary bladder, which is pear-shaped and sits in inverted. It is a place where the child covers his/her 9 months journey while developing stages.

Things To Know About The Problem Of A Prolapsed Uterus
A prolapsed uterus is a condition where the womb or uterus of a woman stops getting the support of pelvic area. The weakening of muscles occurs due to the natural loss of estrogen hormones, which can happen at any age and to any woman. When the pelvic floor stops supporting the organ, it descends down into the vagina and comes out completely at the last stage.

Prolapsed Uterus Treatment By Herbal Methods To Avoid Surgeries
Many women are afraid to seek treatment for prolapsed uterus, as they are red-faced to share their personal problems with the consultant. Combating with the problems like a prolapsed uterus is hard but not impossible.

Right & Wrong Approach To Treat And Cure Bacterial Vaginosis Symptoms Such As Smelly Discharge
The vagina has a magical mechanism on the inside which triggers off a cleaning process; however, it needs that extra pair of hands to ensure the clean is complete. Looking after the vagina will include dealing with odour, especially after a period, sex, urinating and infection. These times is likely when pubic hair becomes seriously soiled, therefore a thorough wash and rinse is needed to rid bad smell and grime?

Remedies To Cure Yeast Infections Naturally At Home
Yeast infections have affected thousands of women all over the world and it's increasing day by day. Without taking effective measures, we cannot control this disease. Through this article the readers can get to know about few natural methods to cure yeast infections without any side effects.