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  • League of Women Voters - The League of Women Voters is an organization of women and men that is non-partisan, community-based and organized at the local, state and national levels. Its goals for the 21st century include a renewed commitment to Reconnecting citizens with government, Enhancing voter participation, Including all voices in civic life, Strengthening the democratic process through reform.

  • Women's Issues Committee - Dane County - The Dane County Women's Issues Committee (WIC) began June 6, 1980 as an informal meeting of women employees and County Board Supervisors attempting to form a support group to address work-related concerns of women in Dane County Government.

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Visiting a Gynaecologist - Dear First Timers, Fear Not, Check Out These 4 Tips
Whatever your reasons, feeling nervous before your first appointment is absolutely normal. I know how difficult it can be to open up to an unknown person and reveal intimate details about your body.

How Does Your Diet Affect Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS)?
Every illness brings a list of food items which the patient should or shouldn't consume. Same goes with PCOS as doctors recommend a long list of foods that should be consumed or avoided by the Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) patient.

Menstrual Cycles - Some Exciting Facts
Every woman experiences the menstrual cycle every month. These start at puberty and end at menopause. The age of puberty depends on various factors and, therefore, varies. Menses and periods are the alternative names for menstrual cycles. Normally, a woman experiences menses every month. The standard gap between the two periods is 28 to 30 days. Periods may repeat earlier or later. In general, the menses continues for three to five days. At pregnancy, menses are discontinued and start again after the birth of the child.

An Insight into Infertility and Its Causes
Causes of infertility may be found both in man and woman. Man and woman may be equally responsible for infertility. Therefore, before starting a treatment, both should be put to tests. This will clarify the position and then you can start the treatment accordingly.

Most Absorbent Adult Diapers Handle Incontinence Issues Easily
Does the constant fear of staining your clothes in public due to incontinence worry you? Do not despair; there are others out there who have overcome the same fear by using the most absorbent adult diapers available in the market.

Infertility: Pelvic Pain and Endometriosis
When it comes to fertility, pelvic pain is usually associated with the menstrual cycle. Most women experience a painful sensation in their pelvic area before menstruation starts, while there are a few women who experience little or no pain. It is important to note if there is a distinction in the pelvic pain that you experience.

Bacterial Vaginosis Clearly Explained - Vaginal Infection Symptoms That Identify Thrush Is Not BV
Bacterial vaginosis is a common vaginal infection, as so is a yeast infection too, however, both have different symptoms due to one being bacterial and the other yeast. A question often asked by women is which one is the worse. This depends on the patient who with BV might see this as not only embarrassing but unbearable to have to cope with than that of a yeast infection such like thrush. Neither is seriously dangerous that they kill you, but they can cause severe discomfort.

How Bad Does Your Vagina Smell? Simple Ways To Get Rid Of Vaginal Odour If Not Caused By Infection
It's normal for every girl who has reached puberty to experience vaginal odour. We have the natural odour and then the type caused by common body actions. Take menstruation, normally if the vagina is not kept clean at the time of the monthly cycle stale blood left for a period of time will bring smell. Then we have urine another reason for vaginal odour. Not rinsing or wiping the vagina after using the toilet, any trickles cling to pubic hair, thus soiling and staining panties which will smell.

What Are The Main Symptoms Of Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS)?
Polycystic Ovary Syndrome, commonly known as PCOS is an endocrine system problem that affects females who are in their reproductive age. Females suffering from PCOS may have developed bigger ovaries that have little accumulations of liquid, termed as follicles, which are situated in every ovary as observed through an ultrasound test.

Most Dangerous Color Of Vaginal Discharge - Abnormal, Not Bloody STI & Bacterial Infection Symptoms
Vaginal discharge and urine say a lot about the body especially for a doctor who is looking for a specific infection or other. Pregnancy in the early days is commonly proven through a urine sample, aside from the swollen belly that is, while an STI is usually identified through discharge. However, we are not going to focus on urine but rather discharge the normal type and abnormal vaginal discharge. Knowing the signs of what is not normal will help you decide is it time to see a doctor.

Miscarriage Is Still A Mysterious Problem, But A Solution To It Could Be Surprisingly Simple
Infertility is one of the biggest neuroses of the 21st century woman. In reality, however, getting pregnant is the easy part. Staying pregnant is much harder. While one in ten couples has problems conceiving, at least one in six pregnancies will end in miscarriage. The rate rises to 25% - one in four - when a woman passes the age of 40.

A Brief Description About Causes And Cures Of A Prolapsed Uterus
Being a woman there are a number of health issues you have to go through and one of them is the Prolapsed Uterus. It is a condition which possibly occurs when the pelvic floor that holds the uterus in its place gets weak and descends from its actual position into the vagina or birth canal.

Cystitis UTI Treatments Used To Treat Mild & Chronic Urine Infections That Cause Painful Symptoms
Women love to smell nice, but most tend to go over the top when it comes down to their private parts. The genital area should not be pampered with products that are laced with fragrance. Cystitis is strongly connected to products of this source, making them supposedly one of the identified causes. Remember it is water that cleans the vagina and not scent.

Do You Really Need That Hysterectomy?
Till 1978, hysterectomy - the surgical removal of the womb - was the commonest major operation performed on women (Today, it is the second most common, after caesarean section). Not only are the statistics alarming, but the reasons for them, too. Hysterectomies are being performed for perfectly frivolous reasons such as stopping menstrual periods, or for problems that lend themselves to far easier and safer solutions. So, before you consider a hysterectomy, be aware of all its implications, and then explore other options before you say 'yes'.

Reasons to Post-Pone Pregnancy
The risk related to having a baby among females employing a newer method of ready sterilization referred to as hysteroscopic sterilization is really greater than 10 events greater about the 10 -- 12 several weeks period of time when compared with while using the furthermore completed laparoscopic sterilization, investigation via researchers through Yale University in addition to UC Davis provides found. Launched on the web inside the health care journal Contraception, the study found the biggest threat related to having a baby using a newer sterilization method marketed beneath the manufacturer Essure...

Bacterial Vaginosis & Thrush Differences - 2 Serious Conditions That Can Happen Due To BV
Your first experience of having bacterial vaginosis (BV) or thrush, you are not to panic as both infections is common and treatable. These are not conditions where you have to worry about making your will out. Yeast fungus Candida Albicans causes thrush. It is not harmful and lives on the skin. It is vital it stays under control, otherwise the slightest upset can give rise for it to act up and bring infection.

Ayurvedic Remedies to Bring Down Prolactin Levels As Female Infertility Treatment
Trusted for ages, Ayurveda continues to be the safest path to treat any ailments. With no side effects, Ayurveda promises to provide only side benefits.

Is Your Job Harming Your Unborn Child?
Several hazards in the workplace can harm you and your unborn child. Find out why you are at increased risk during pregnancy and the perils associated with common jobs.

Why Herbal Remedies For A Prolapsed Uterus Are The First Choice Of All Women
A female anatomy is complicated to understand by everyone. Every body part has different function to perform and even a single cell matters to carry out the job well. Uterus of a woman freely hangs up in the pelvic cavity. When the pelvic area stops supporting the uterus or the womb of a woman, it comes out to the way of vagina.

When A Patient Suffering From A Prolapsed Uterus Seeks Medical Care
The uterus of a woman is located along the midline to the urinary bladder, which is pear-shaped and sits in inverted. It is a place where the child covers his/her 9 months journey while developing stages.

Things To Know About The Problem Of A Prolapsed Uterus
A prolapsed uterus is a condition where the womb or uterus of a woman stops getting the support of pelvic area. The weakening of muscles occurs due to the natural loss of estrogen hormones, which can happen at any age and to any woman. When the pelvic floor stops supporting the organ, it descends down into the vagina and comes out completely at the last stage.

Prolapsed Uterus Treatment By Herbal Methods To Avoid Surgeries
Many women are afraid to seek treatment for prolapsed uterus, as they are red-faced to share their personal problems with the consultant. Combating with the problems like a prolapsed uterus is hard but not impossible.

Right & Wrong Approach To Treat And Cure Bacterial Vaginosis Symptoms Such As Smelly Discharge
The vagina has a magical mechanism on the inside which triggers off a cleaning process; however, it needs that extra pair of hands to ensure the clean is complete. Looking after the vagina will include dealing with odour, especially after a period, sex, urinating and infection. These times is likely when pubic hair becomes seriously soiled, therefore a thorough wash and rinse is needed to rid bad smell and grime?

Remedies To Cure Yeast Infections Naturally At Home
Yeast infections have affected thousands of women all over the world and it's increasing day by day. Without taking effective measures, we cannot control this disease. Through this article the readers can get to know about few natural methods to cure yeast infections without any side effects.

How to Cure Pid With Natural Therapy
Pelvic inflammatory disease(PID), or pelvic inflammation, is a term used to refer to the inflammation of female pelvic cavity reproductive organs, connective tissue around the uterus, and pelvic peritoneum. The chronic pelvic inflammation often the results from the treatment delay of the acute pelvic inflammation and it is a long-term,stubborn disease which makes it very troublesome. Bacterium retrograde through the uterus and fallopian tubes to the pelvic cavity and cause the inflammation.

Ways to Get a Powerful Libido Boost - How to Increase Female Sex Drive
Sadly, a lot of women experience libido issues with advancing age. This article lists some of the best ways to help boost sex drive in women naturally and safely.

Natural Solution For Menstrual Irregularities
Gynecological problems nowadays vex female lives much more than the case used to be a few generations ago. Sex ratio in the working population across the globe has risen markedly with women shouldering the burden of both household chores as well as office work. This culminated to a lot of health anomalies in females which complicate more and more as stress builds up. Abnormal menstruation is one among them.

How to Get a Powerful Sex Drive Once Again
It's quite common for women to experience a drop in their sex drive as they age. This article lists some of the best natural ways to help women boost their sex drive so that they can enjoy great sex once again.

When a Woman Should Consult Her Gynaecologist
With the beginning of the New Year, you may be thinking of having a wellness regime or a yoga session or meditation classes or transform your eating habits or explore an alternative to a new heath routine or may be a whole lot of rejuvenating and relaxing adventures in your dream city. Before you mark your calendar with the above objectives in mind, I want you to mark an appointment on that calendar with your specialist. As women, you don't have to see your gynecologist just when you are pregnant or about to get pregnant. As adult women, one needs to keep a constant check on her reproductive organs and get them examined for proper health maintenance.

Ways to Increase Libido in Women Naturally and Safely
It is not uncommon for women to suffer with libido issues as they move towards middle age. This article lists some of the best ways to boost libido in women naturally and safely.

Emotionally Dealing With a Decreased Libido During Menopause
Women entering the menopause period usually think that their sexual lives are over. Menopause entry, however, is not synonymous with the completion of the teeth, but it is now reported that the menstrual cycle is the end and the menstrual cycle is the end. The understanding that your sexuality is over during menopause is usually related to the psychology of this period.

Different Options For Breast Enlargement - Which One Is Right For You?
Breasts define beauty of women! It's important for women to embrace their beauty and stop being shy about discussing size, shape and volume of their breasts. Breast enlargement surgery can increase the size and volumes, and improve the shape of breasts significantly.

Know The Difference Between Fibroids and Polyps
Almost 30% of women do suffer from uterine fibroids. This problem is not genetic. It has lost of side effects including heavy and painful periods, abdominal pain and problems in pregnancy.

How to Have a Robust Libido Again
A lot of women suffer with libido problems in middle age. This article lists some of the best ways for such women to get a libido boost naturally.

How To Prevent A Prolapse Uterus At The Early Stage
Are you suffering from a Prolapsed Uterus? Looking for some reliable tips and expert advice? Go through the topic, it can actually help you to figure out some common reasons of a prolapsed uterus and how you can prevent the situation in the early stages.

Diagnosis And Treatment Of A Prolapsed Uterus By Herbal Methods
The proper functioning of all the organs in our body is extremely important for healthy living. Uterus is the part of female body, which plays a significant role in nurturing and fertilizing the ovum that develops into fetus in the mean time.

Why Is Ayurveda Better At Treating A Prolapsed Uterus Than The Surgical Methods?
Whether it is the liver or the heart, every organ is equally important for the proper functioning of body. Uterus is the lower organ of female human body that is also known as womb where an offspring is conceived for a certain period. It has the most vital role in the course of reproduction.

Ways to Increase Libido in Women Naturally
A lot of women lose their sexual appetite as they get older. This article lists some of the best ways to increase sexual urge among women quickly and safely.

Common Causes of Infertility
Infertility in women above the age of forty can almost always be contributed to menopause, but if you're in your twenties and thirties and struggling to conceive, there are a number of other causes. Menopause can't be ruled out.

How to Boost Female Libido Naturally and Safely
Its quite common for women to suffer with libido issues in middle age and beyond. This article lists some of the best ways to help boost sex drive in women naturally and safely.

The Health Benefits of Drinking Water Boiled With Fenugreek Seeds
Most Indians have close encounters of the culinary kind with Fenugreek or methi seeds very early in life. These seeds are remarkably bitter and have a marvellous aroma when roasted or fried in a little oil.

Ways to Get Rid of Vaginal Dryness
One of the most common problem that a lot of women suffer from is vaginal dryness. This articles lists some of the best ways to help you get rid of this problem naturally and safely.

Easy Ways to Raise Libido in Women
It's highly unfortunate that a lot of women suffer with libido problems as they get older. This articles lists some of the best and most effective ways to raise libido in women.

How to Get a Robust Libido Once Again
A lot of women suffer with libido problems in middle age. However, you don't have to accept it as your fate. This article lists some of the best and most effective ways to boost libido in women.

How To Determine If You Are Experiencing Perimenopause Or Menopause?
Life begins at 40 as the saying goes. But for some women as early as 30 years old their journey towards the menopausal episode starts. Perimenopause as it is called would never be easy for most women facing this. Here are the common signs of perimenopause. Check it out if you are experiencing some of them.

How to Raise Female Libido Naturally and Quickly
It's highly unfortunate that a lot of women suffer a drop in their sex drive post menopause. This article lists some of the best and most effective ways to raise libido or sex drive in women naturally.

Proven Ways to Increase Female Libido
Women experience a lot of body changes post menopause and it's not uncommon for a lot of them to lose their sexual appetite. This article lists some of the most effective and proven ways to boost libido in women.

Food and Our Waist, Why The Obsession?
Why are we so obsessed with food and our waistlines? This is question constantly kicks up a bevy of theories or reasons as to why a large number of women here in the west (and to a larger degree, other parts of the world) seem fixated on both food and their waistlines. Why the relationship, the correlation between the two? As a fitness and health strategist wit a background in biological anthropology, I can't help but wander if something much deeper, complex, and culturally relevant is at play in this insanity and dare I say it, misconceptions based on misinformation regarding food and nutrition?

Prolapsed Uterus - Symptoms And Treatment
We all are concerned about our body and when it comes to the sensitive parts of the body we become alert about it. A female is always concerned about her private parts as there are so many changes with every time at the different stages of the life.

What Are The Main Causes Of A Prolapsed Uterus?
The uterus is the most sensitive organ of a woman's body.prolapsed Uterus is a condition that occurs when the pelvic floor muscles are not able to support the uterus. In such case, the uterus of sufferer lost its original position and slips down into the vagina which is also called as the birth canal.

Who's Afraid of the Divine Feminine?
It is and should be a time of concern by all who have witnessed both the struggles and victories women have faced over the last century.The current sociopolitical climate in our nation has unmasked many of the prevailing elements of misogyny, bigotry and intolerance within the fabric of our nation. What is most troubling is that many of the apologists for this mindset, have found a voice on our political stage; where the "debased", inhumane and intolerant can masquerade as "real talk" or "plain speaking". I'm also appalled that "this" type of vocal violence seems to breed and stir up the subtle (and not so subtle) poison of bigotry, hate, and misogyny.

How to Raise Female Libido Naturally
Lack of libido or sex drive is a common problem in middle age women. This article lists some of the best ways to boost sex drive in women naturally and safely.

3 Easy Ways to Boost Sex Drive in Women
Thousands and thousands of women experience libido problems as they move towards middle age. This article lists some of the best and most effective ways to enhance libido or sex drive in women.

Proven Ways to Boost Female Libido
Women suffer with a lot of health issues and problems post menopause and one of such issues is a drop in their libido or sex drive. This article lists some of the best and most effective ways to boost libido in women naturally.

Easy Ways to Boost Women's Sex Drive Naturally
If you lack the robust libido that you once took for granted, its time to take stock of your lifestyle and diet. This article lists some of the best ways to boost libido in women naturally.

How to Boost Women's Sex Drive Naturally
One of the most common problems that affects women in their middle age is lack of sex drive or libido. This article lists some of the best ways to boost libido in women naturally and safely.

Here Is Why Intending Parents Need The Help Of Egg Donor Databases
The very idea of egg donation has given a new ray of hope to many issueless couples all over the world. Being a childless couple is equivalent to the home without a heart. Through egg donation program, a young woman donor gives her healthy and fertile eggs to an infertile couple that desires to build a family.

5 Common Yet Painful Symptoms of Uterine Fibroids
The condition of fibroid could be extremely agonizing. It would obstruct your daily lifestyle and leave you in terrible pains. Rather than suffering, it is better to go to a reputed clinic and get a UFE. This minimally invasive treatment is perhaps best for curing these uterine growths.

Mood Swings in Women: Causes and Remedies
Unpredictable mood swings are very common among women and they are caused due to some unknown events and occurrences. Some people use the terms mood swings and irritability interchangeably. But, both these terms are entirely different. The anger or impatience toward an event is known as irritability. However, sudden changes in mood, temperament, or emotions are called mood swings. In fact, mood swings in women are highly frustrating because of their unpredictability.

Osteoporosis and Bone Density Drugs May Be a Problem
Women over 50 should be aware that their bones are thinner and this begins as early as age 30. Osteopenia is a lower bone density due to age and some doctors prescribe bone building drugs for it. It is not as severe as osteoporosis.

Tips For Handling A Yeast Infection
Millions of women and a handful of men will experience the discomfort that comes with a yeast infection. This is an occurrence that could come up as a result of a lot of different reasons, but mainly, it's a fungal infection.

Are You Experiencing Painful Cramps During Periods?
Severe menstrual pain (Dysmenorrhea) usually occurs before the onset of your menstrual cycle. This pain is observed in the lower abdomen or lower back which can range from mild to severe. Dysmenorrhea can happen at either stage: beginning of the periods (Primary Dysmenorrhea) or after 1-2 years of women having periods (Secondary Dysmenorrhea).

Is a Painful Period A Serious Matter for a Woman?
In these days, most of the women above the age of 30 years do suffer from painful periods due to the tumors present in the uterus. It is better to go for an operation to reduce the growth of such non-malignant growth of tissues in the inner layer of the uterine walls.

Top Tips for Getting Pregnant
Lots of people think that getting pregnant will just take a matter of days, but actually it takes a long time. We've done a little research to find out how to get pregnant. From changing your diet to habitual activities, there are numerous ways that you can boost your chances of conception.

Natural Medicine Gives Hope for Women With PCOS
In today's world, many women know what PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome) is, and this is due to the increasing prevalence of this condition around the world. While PCOS carry such a name due to the fact that there are many small cysts found in ovaries of women with this condition, there are also certain other symptoms and signs that might disturb their healthy life; infertility, symptoms of hormonal disbalance and irregular menstruation are few of them. These multiple small cysts disturb the hormonal cycle, which results in a serious hormonal disbalance. Also, with the time, this disease increases the risk of diabetes and heart diseases. This is why PCOS is a serious matter when it comes to women health.

Why You Need a Sonohysterogram
A hysterosonography, also called a sonohysterogram is a process where the use of sound waves assist with the diagnosis of unexplained bleeding of the vagina. It assists by taking pictures of a woman's uterus on the inside. It is a process very similar to a gynaecological exam. It is done by inserting a transducer into your vagina after the bladder is emptied. The doctor will do a study of the uterus' lining with an ultrasound transducer. Before he can do this, he inserts a small tube into your vagina and inject a little bit of sterile saline into the uterus' cavity.

How To Breeze Through Menopause At Work
If you'll excuse the pun, this is a 'hot' topic at the moment, so I thought I'd write about what we can do help our ladies through menopause at work. There are currently around 3.5 million ladies over 50 in our workforce, so if you work with women this will affect you.

How to Boost Female Libido or Sex Drive Naturally
Low libido is a common problem that a lot of women suffer with. Here are some simple tips to help boost sex drive in women naturally and safely.

Stepwise Procedure to Reduce Fibroids in the Uterus
In these days, fibroid in the uterus is quite common among the women who are above the age of 30 years old. This symptom is known as adenomyosis. There are several treatments for this problem. Women having fibroid have complicated pregnancy.

Infertility and Maternal Age
Nature has equipped a woman with the power to give birth but not every woman is lucky enough because there are thousands who struggle with female infertility issues. Age is one of the key determinants of fertility as it goes on diminishing with every passing year. A woman is born with millions of eggs and the number as well as the quality of eggs comes down as she grows older.

Find A Suitable Donor With The Help Of A Egg Donation Database
Some couples face difficulty in conceiving and in spite of countless visits to doctors, cannot become pregnant or deliver a child after becoming pregnant. Infertility problems can either be in a man or with a woman.

Hymenoplasty Surgery for Women to Save Their Life and Marriage
A lot of women have intuitive feelings about their sexual life after marriage when viewed from different perspectives. In fact, many of them think that their married relationship is likely to go into dead ends if the hymen is torn before marriage no matter what the reasons are. Little do they realize that the hymen can be torn due to reasons other than having sexual relationships before marriage? When women are involved in sports before marriage and have to go through rigorous sessions of exercise, it can lead to rupture of hymen although the consequences may take a bad turn during sexual relationship after marriage.

Preventative Measures Taken During 8 Months Pregnancy
Women are prestigious in our society. She is the only person who has got the honour to give birth to a baby. There is a requirement of due care during pregnancy as a lady is holding another life within her body. Now we will talk about preventive measures which are taken during the 8 months pregnancy under the following heads.

4 Factors That Prevent You From Pregnancy
Fibroid pregnancy is one of the most common issues of women in these days. About 30-40% women are suffering from this problem and they are choosing UFE procedure to lead a painless life. There is no chance of heavy and painful periods.

Women's Issues: Mood Swings, PMS and Emotional Health - Take Help From The Gynecologist
Premenstrual Syndrome or what we know as PMS is caused by acute inflammation triggered by a biomarker called C-reactive protein (CRP). While most women consider it to be a normal thing that happens to them before the onset of their menstrual cycle of the month, it is not exactly something you should ignore. Though minor mood swings can be normal, the beyond the run-of-the-mill mood wings might be the symptoms for PMDD. Consulting a gynecologist will not only help women experiencing mood swings to know the cause of the problem but also to get the necessary treatment.

Factors Affecting Fertility
So many times couples looking to have a baby are puzzled when their pregnancy test comes negative. While we've made things easier by teaching women how to use the pregnancy test kit at home or by providing an ovulation calculator, the reason you might not be able to conceive might be because of a few factors. That is why we've come up with a list of factors that might be why you're finding it hard to become a mother.

Psychological Causes Of Low Sexual Desire In Women
Some Women face low libido or lack of sexual desire. Here we have discussed in detail the psychological causes of lack of sexual desire in women.

What Every Woman Ought to Know About Menopausal Weight Gain
Putting on extra pounds later in life is common, but not inevitable. A few simple changes can help you prevent and/or lose the unwanted middle age spread.

Why We Get Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
Yes you can recover from CFS! Here are some insights into why you may be suffering from a Medical Herbalist and former sufferer. Hannah has a special interest in treating CFS and Fibromyalgia and shares some of her observations here.

What Causes Infertility?
Infertility is the state where you are unable to conceive due to natural or unnatural factors and there are many people who have problems in this area. There are quite a few causes of infertility as well as means to prevent it, in certain cases.

5 Things You Didn't Know About Your Period
It might be time to break up with your tampons, ladies. Here are a few things you should know about them, and some things you may not have known about your period.

3 Proven Ways to Boost Libido in Women
Low sex drive is a problem that a vast majority of women suffer with in middle age. This article lists some of the most effective ways to boost libido in women, naturally and safely.

How To Look Like A Supermodel After Childbirth
Tummy tuck surgery in Mumbai is an amazing cosmetic procedure that can help you to get you slim body back after pregnancy. It's quite common in women to gain excess weight during their pregnancy period. Tummy tuck surgery in Mumbai can help you to remove excess fat and skin from the abdomen area after pregnancy.

All That You Need to Know About Vaginal Tightening
As the female gender begins to age naturally the skin surrounding their vagina begins to lose its flexibility and versatility as the collagen strands start to debilitate. It is here where vaginal tightening process will work wonders. It does not have any side effects and will enhance the quality and well-being of the vaginal tissue.

The Number 1 Surgery That Women Don't Need
Are you considering this surgery that could cause problems for the rest of your life? Stop and consider how this will affect your body.

The Body's Built-In Stress Regulator and Energizer
Their presence was first recognized in the early 16th century. Yet it wasn't until about 50 years later that a Guy's Hospital physician, Thomas Addison, showed these key players were necessary for life.

Pregnancy, Luxury and Good Health
Pregnancy is one topic which needs great amount of research and authentic data providing right advises. In this article, we will talk about how pregnant women can be taken care of by giving them a healthy and luxurious treatment.

How to Boost Libido in Women Naturally and Safely
Living with a low sex drive can make things boring in a relationship. Sex is not just an important part of your life but is a great way to strengthen your bond with your partner. This article lists some of the best ways to enhance libido in women naturally and safely.

Natural Ways To Combat Infertility
Infertility is the inability to have children. It is a common phenomenon and affects more than 10% of the worldwide population. There are some couples who are able to reach out to their doctors for help. But some don't.

Think Your Girlfriend Has a Hormonal Imbalance? Never Ask These Three Questions
Heterosexual relationships have been around for longer than humans as a species, and yet differences between the sexes still become a source of conflict. Don't let a hormonal imbalance cause trouble in your relationship.

Simple Steps for Increasing Libido in Women
A lot of women lose their appetite for sex as they advance towards middle age. Here are some tips and tricks to help you boost your sex drive.

Getting Pregnant - The Three of You Together
Besides the sperm and the egg, there is one other primary component that governs conception, without which it does not occur at all. As a minister, metaphysician and holistic health consultant, I'm excited to present what I hope will be an inspiring and hopeful perspective for those of you who so desire to have a baby, grow a family, and take your places on the Great Wheel of Life.

Why Banking Umbilical Cord Blood Should Be On Your "To Do" List
Umbilical Cord functions as a lifeline between mother and child during pregnancy. After a baby is delivered, the umbilical cord is cut and normally discarded with the placenta as medical waste. This procedure is painless due to the lack of any nerves on the Umbilical Cord. A baby's umbilical cord has a large number of Epithelial Stem Cells (EpSCs) and Mesenchymal Stem Cells (MSCs). While EpSCs are primarily responsible for forming the outer protection layer of the body or organ such as skin, liver, pancreas, brain and gastrointestinal tract, MSCs have proven its capability to differentiate into neurons, cartilage and bone. Current research with these cells revealed encouraging results in the treatment of a wide variety of medical conditions including stroke and replacement of corneal membrane. In the future, once these advances translate to successful therapies, any family who had stored their child's stem cells will have this resource to support these potential treatments.

The Benefits of Exercising While Pregnant
As I enter my final year of undergraduate school, I have noticed an increase in pregnancies and marriage among my colleagues. The majority of which are experiencing their first pregnancy or planning to do so in the near future. This inspired me to write this article explaining the benefits of exercise during pregnancy for both the mother and the child.

Pregnancy Related Sciatica and How to Deal With It
Sciatica in Pregnancy may be one of the problems you are experiencing during your preparation as a mommy. It aggravates the whole preggy scenario because considering the struggles of being pregnant, plus you get the unlucky sciatica incident, you'll surely wave a white flag in the air by the end of the day. The miracle of pregnancy also includes a package of struggles to face.

5 Home Remedies For PCOS Available in the Kitchen
Many women unknowingly suffer from Polycystic Ovary Syndrome with the acnes and allergic reactions. There are hormonal remedies for this disease condition. However, these remedies have side-effects. In this article, we would be looking at the home remedies that are available for the women suffering from this hormonal disease.

Simple Ways to Enhance Sex Drive in Women
A lot of women lose their sexual appetite with age. Though there are a lot of factors and issues behind this loss of libido, it's possible to rekindle your sexual desires naturally and safely. This article lists some of the best and most effective ways to boost sex drive in women.

Knowing How to Get Rid of a Yeast Infection Effectively
A yeast infection is something that women should be worried about, especially those that are already affected by this disease. It should be treated as soon as possible to prevent it from becoming worse.

Infertility: The Role of the Immune System
Your immune system can play a role in fertility. You could have an immune system that is quite hostile and attacks anything it might deem as foreign. Although it is supposed to guard our bodies, it can turn against us at the most untimely intervals.

Female Infertility: Cervical Related Problems
There are different reasons why a woman may become infertile, and cervical related problems is one of them. Cervical related problems are also considered cervical incompetence. There are a number of cervical related problems that could arise. Here are some of them.