Rocks & Minerals


Rock and Mineral resources in the Madison Area

  • Burnie's Rock Shop - Located at the corner of East Johnson Street and North Paterson Street in Madison, Burnie's Rock Shop has been connecting you with the elements since 1963. Newly arrived inventory...handcrafted sterling silver and multi-gemstone jewelry...Baltic amber set in sterling silver rings, pendants, and earrings...sparkling gemstone beads in every color imaginable...mineral & fossil specimens from around the world...stainless steel rings.
  • Beaded Cottage - Reference list of beading sites.

Other Selected Web Sites

  • Thunder Ridge Gallery - Jewelry, Garden Sculpture and more.

  • The Mineral Gallery - Amethyst Galleries' Mineral Gallery is a large collection of mineral descriptions, images, and specimens.

  • Mineral of the Month Club - Add a top quality specimen to your collection each month! All Club Members receive an excellent quality mineral specimen delivered to their door each month along with a detailed write-up explaining its composition, crystal structure, collecting localities (including information about public collecting where possible), technological & decorative uses, history & lore, and other fascinating information.