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Reflexology, or zone therapy, is the practice of stimulating points on the feet, hands and ears, in the belief it will have a beneficial effect on some other parts of the body, or will improve general health.

Reflexology resources in the Madison Area

Other Selected Web Sites

  • Home of Reflexology - This website is created by the Association of Reflexologists and provides reflexology information and contacts for the general public.
  • Reflexology World - Reflexology World is a magazine that is available only by subscription. Each issue is approximately 32 pages in length and articles include case studies, research articles, interviews with fellow reflexologists, conference reports, new techniques, business management, book reviews, upcoming events, news and much more.


More Reflexology Links

Alternative Therapies for Trauma Victims; Research by Univ. of Maryland Med Cntr
Shock Trauma Center's doctors, nurses and researchers test three alternative therapies for pain management: reiki, acupuncture and music therapy.
Visiting a Massage Therapist: What you can Expect
Massage therapist visit--what to expect; options you have; cost range.
A Global Perspective on Alternative and Complementary Medicine
A Global Perspective: alternative health practices and attitudes around the world.
Acupuncture for Beginners
Get started on understanding acupuncture. Read a thumbnail sketch of what it is, who studies it, what symptoms and dysfunctions it's effective in treating. Photograph of the process.
Qigong form of T'ai Chi Benefits Seniors
How practicing the Qigong form of T'ai Chi can complement your exercise routine, increase flexibility, relieve pain and gently bring you health benefits.
Therapy to Benefits updated
Therapy list with their health benefits. The Health Hound updates this cross-reference as new connections are discovered.
3 tips for Heart Health
Your heart will benefit from these simple three health tips; article from Creative Commons, March 2009.
Keep the Faith about Healthy Alternatives
I believe in both homeopath and allopath medicine. This is because I’ve had my share of good and bad experiences with both. The conclusion I have come
Dr. Weil and Complementary Medicine
Health pioneer Dr. Weil applies his botany degree to alternative complementary health medicine to discover how to be healthy through what you eat and how you move.
Women's Health Alternatives--updated
Connect why womens health & alternative health fit so well; humorous comparison to men regarding longevity. Define terms. Lead to detailed info pages.
Alternative Health, Natural solutions from Outside the Box
An interactive and ongoing alternative health search for uncommon answers to common health issues. Information gathered from many sources is offered up in an engaging, reader-friendly style.
Contribute To Healthy Alternative Solutions
Would you like to share your knowledge about healthy alternative solutions? Great, find out how you can submit your story or tip here.
Alternative Health Research - updated
Sources and statistics on research and studies documenting the effectiveness of complementary and alternative therapies. Links for more information.
A Balanced Exercise Routine in Four Components
Balanced Exercise Routine in four easy-to-understand parts. Mayo Clinic's recommendations, plus ideas on how to fit into your week and into your budget.
Articles on the Latest Alternative and Complementary Health Options
Your guide to articles on alternative and complementary health; updated when I find new and useful information!