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  • WHA - Public radio and television.
  • WORT-FM - WORT-FM is a non-commercial, listener sponsored, member controlled community radio station broadcasting to south central Wisconsin. WORT volunteers and staff provide quality programming and services to a broad spectrum of the community.

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NPR Top Stories

Protesting Farmers Flood India's Capital, Storm Historic Fort
Tens of thousands of Indian farmers had been protesting on the outskirts of New Delhi for months. On Tuesday, they stormed the city, overshadowing a military parade on a national holiday.
European Union Warns AstraZeneca Over Reduction In Vaccine Shipments
"The companies must deliver. They must honor their obligations," the European Commission's president said after both AstraZeneca and Pfizer said they were experiencing shipping issues.
Congress And COVID-19: Members' Cases And Quarantines
Congress saw its first two members enter self-quarantine on March 8. Several outbreaks forced dozens more to quarantine after testing positive. Lawmakers started receiving the vaccine in December.
My Pillow CEO Mike Lindell Permanently Suspended From Twitter
Lindell, a close ally of former President Donald Trump, had been using his Twitter account to spread disinformation about the 2020 presidential election, including false claims of voter fraud.
Coronavirus World Map: Tracking The Spread Of The Outbreak
A map of confirmed COVID-19 cases and deaths around the world. The respiratory disease has spread rapidly across six continents and has killed at least 2 million globally.
Nursing Home Critics Say COVID-19 Immunity Laws Are A Free Pass For Neglect
Nearly 30 states temporarily shielded nursing homes from COVID-19 lawsuits. But resident advocates say that protection means they can't sue for things that have nothing to do with the coronavirus.
How Severe Is Your State's Coronavirus Outbreak?
View NPR's maps and graphics to see where COVID-19 is hitting hardest in the U.S., which state outbreaks are growing and which are leveling off.
McConnell Relents On Senate Filibuster Stalemate
The Senate minority leader pointed to statements by two moderate Democrats who oppose ending the legislative maneuver. Both sides claimed victory, but the truce could be short-lived.
The Pandemic Made Their Love Long Distance — From Just A Few Miles Apart
Everyone is trying to figure out how relationships work in the pandemic. That includes a couple keeping their love alive, ever since their group homes for adults with disabilities went into lockdown.
They Lost Sons To Drug Overdoses: How The Pandemic May Be Fueling Deaths Of Despair
As drug overdose deaths rise during the pandemic, a former White House economist says social isolation could be partly to blame.
Anti-Curfew Protests Flare Up In The Netherlands
At least 150 people were reportedly arrested amid violent protests against coronavirus restrictions.
A New Coronavirus Variant From Brazil Is Found In Minnesota
A Minneapolis-area resident contracted a new variant of the coronavirus after traveling to Brazil. The strain is believed to be more transmissible.