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  • WHA - Public radio and television.
  • WORT-FM - WORT-FM is a non-commercial, listener sponsored, member controlled community radio station broadcasting to south central Wisconsin. WORT volunteers and staff provide quality programming and services to a broad spectrum of the community.

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Arkansas' Ten Commandments Monument Lasted Less Than 24 Hours
Police say a man drove a 2016 Dodge Dart into the 6,000-pound granite slab less than a day after it was installed on the grounds of the state Capitol. The man reportedly took video as he accelerated.
What To Expect From The White House Summit With South Korea's Leader
At a time of growing North Korean weapons capabilities, President Trump and Moon Jae-in will meet Thursday. "We will focus on building a foundation of friendship and trust," says Moon's spokesman.
Should It Be Easier To Vote? Americans Are Deeply Divided By Party
Most Democrats say that "everything possible" should be done to make it easy for citizens to vote. Most Republicans don't agree.
Hillsborough Soccer Stadium Disaster: After 28 Years, 6 Former Officials Face Charges
Nearly 100 fans were crushed to death and more than 750 others were injured in the worst sports disaster in Britain's history. The ex-officials face charges ranging from manslaughter to obstruction.
'Petya' Ransomware Hits At Least 65 Countries; Microsoft Traces It To Tax Software
An updated version of the malware has the ability to worm through computer networks, gathering passwords and credentials and spreading itself.
#NPRHotPot: Share Your Food Memories With Us
Post a video or photo of a favorite dish on Instagram or Twitter with the hashtag #NPRHotPot from now until August 1. We'll gather some of our favorites and post them on our website.
This Filipino Dish Is So Good It Might Make You Sing
Like many girls around the world, Wilma Consul had kitchen duty growing up in the Philippines — and resented it. But today making a childhood dish brings back fond family memories.
This GOP Health Bill Proposes New Limits To Medical Malpractice Awards
The bill H.R. 1215 would limit awards for non-economic damages — such as pain and suffering — to $250,000. President Trump supports the bill, but many others across the political spectrum don't.
Just 17 Percent Of Americans Approve Of Republican Senate Health Care Bill
In a new NPR/PBS NewsHour/Marist poll, 55 percent of Americans say they disapprove of the Senate GOP bill to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act.
Trump Fails To Reach Beyond Base As Independents' Disapproval Grows
An NPR/PBS NewsHour/Marist poll finds that independents were willing to give President Trump a chance once he took office, but now they're increasingly dissatisfied with his performance.
I Am Learning Inglés: A Dual-Language Comic
In a dual-language classroom, sometimes you're the student and sometimes you're the teacher. Here's what it's like for 6-year-old Merari.
Venezuelan Police Helicopter Fires On Supreme Court, Interior Ministry
President Nicolás Maduro says the helicopter fired on Venezuela's Supreme Court and Interior Ministry in what he called a failed "terrorist attack" aimed at ousting him from power.